C&C 48 Custom

LOA: 48' 1""          LWL:  39'

Yachts Name

Ensign Four,


Mia V



MMOTGL Accession Number 

2009.0021.0076 (1-8), 

2009.0021.0066 (1-28), 

2009.0021.0068 (1-6), 

2009.0021.0070 (1-11), 

2009.0021.0071 (1-5), 

Designer / Draughtsman

C&C Design Group

Year of Design



C&C Yachts Limited






C&C  Yachts Manufacturing Ltd. 

1490 Speers Road 

Oakville, Ontario 

Canada L6L 2X6 

(416) 827-4378 

The concept of the C&C Custom 48 is to provide custom rig and layout, and accommodation in a moulded hull and deck of the quality design and construction that is expected of C&C Yachts. 

The C&C Custom 48 is offered at a price of Cdn. $139,000 U.S, Duty paid, in commission at Oakville, Ontario, Canada. This price includes a full inventory of best quality racing gear listed herein. Only the addition of sails, electronics, and loose gear is required to race and win. 

PRINCIPAL DIMENSIONS LOA 48* -1” LWL  (Actual) 39* -0" LWL  (Stas. 0-10) 37* -6” 

BEAM 13* -8” DRAFT 7’ -3** Displacement  (approx. ) 28,100 lbs. 

Sail Area 1,110 sq.ft. (100% fore triangle) Ballast 12,750 lbs. 

Estimated I0R III rating 39.5 ft. (150% LP, SPL = J) 

526 Regent Street Box 970 Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, Canada (416) 468-2101 

10 Front Street South Box 99, Port Credit Ontario, Canada (416) 274-2335 

Custom Division 


All construction techniques, scantlings, and materials are to the highest yacht standards and are updated constantly to ensure the lightest possible structures consistent with strength. Generally structures are as follows:

HULL - Balsa core fiberglass sandwich construction consisting of gelcoat exterior finish, layers of unidirectional roving, mat, and fabmat (mat/ roving combination), clear end grain balsa core, more layers of fabmat and unidirectional roving, and a coat of brushed-on gelcoat to finish the interior of the hull. This construction is exceptionally strong with the core enabling the full strength of the glass fiber to be used in achieving great panel stiffness. Centerline structure is stiffened with a build-up of unidirectional roving. Transverse floors and longitudinal stringers are made up of unidirectional roving and fabmat around a low density core. There are limber holes in I floors and stringers to allow drainage to sump or low point. 

DECK - Balsa core fiberglass sandwich construction similar to the hull. The balsa is replaced with high density core in the way of deck fittings. The deck is bonded to the hull and is also mechanically fastened with closely spaced stainless steel bolts in conjunction with the patented C&C genoa rail. 

ACCOMMODATION STRUCTURES - All bulkheads, fronts, berth platforms, etc. are structural members and are of the best grade marine plywood. They are fully bonded with fiberglass where adjoining the hull and/or deck. This provides great structural integrity in the combined hull/deck interior structure, ensuring that interior structure performs the dual function of providing accommodation and hull/deck stiffening. 

BALLAST - Lead casting with antimony bolted to the hull with stainless steel bolts through aforementioned reinforced fiberglass floors to spread load. The ballast is cast to high tolerances and has a finished weight of approximately 12,750 lbs, 

RUDDER - The cantilevered balanced spade rudder is molded of fiberglass and cored with end grain balsa. The stainless steel rudder post has welded stiffeners for the blade of the rudder and passes through bronze • bearings and a stuffing box which is strongly bonded to the hull, 

STEERING - Sprocket steerer with stainless steel destroyer type wheel on pedestal which is bolted to the deck. Steering wire and roller chain is non  -magnetic stainless steel and passes over bronze sheaves to a bronze quadrant. Steering sheaves are mounted on an aluminum bracket which is in turn bolted to plywood bonded to the hull and/or deck, A stainless steel emergency tiller is provided, 

ENGINE BEDS - Incorporated in longitudinal stringers with bolted on steel angle to accept the engine mounts, 

MAST STEP - Hot dip galvanized steel weldment bolted to supporting 1  floors’ and stringers and incorporating forward keel bolts. Provision is made for top plate of mast step to be moved so that mast rake can be adjusted. 

CHAINPLATES - Stainless steel weldments bolted to longitudinal or transverse plywood bulkheads which are securely bonded to both hull and deck. The plate against the plywood is large to allow spreading the load through many bolts and a backing plate is used on the opposite side of the plywood. The main chainplates are grounded to a keel bolt. 

STEMHEAD FITTING - Headstay attachment and double jib tack fitting are incorporated in a stainless weldment bolted to both hull and deck. The cast anodized aluminum outer fitting carries large bow chocks. 

TOE/ SHEETING RAIL - C&C originated and designed anodized aluminum extrusion fitted to the side hull deck joint. This extrusion has a three-fold purpose: sheeting rail, toe rail and backing plate/stiffener for the hull/deck joint. Closed side chocks are incorporated in the rail and the lifeline stanchion bases are attached to it. The toe rail will be either silver or black anodized at the owner’s option. 

DECK LAYOUT, ACCOMMODATION LAYOUT & FINISH - According to owner’s choice, except cases where changes would be required in deck or hull mouldings. Individual deck and sailplan, equipment lists and accommodation drawings will be prepared for each yacht. There is a large selection of gelcoat colours for  hulls and decks; interior finishes can be selected from a choice of paint finishes as  well as  either oiled or satin varnished teak. Cabin sole is  either of teak slat construction or glued teak plank with white rama wood set in the seams. 

Upholstery is selected by owner from a large selection of materials supplied by the builder. 

SPARS - Fabricated from aluminum extrusions, 

- Mast is tapered and has integral welded aluminum masthead. Rigging tangs with the exception of the masthead are stainless steel weldments. Shroud tangs are internal and in the case of lowers and intermediates are integral with the stainless spreader bases. Halyards are all internal. All stainless fittings are machine screwed to the mast. Butt joints of mast extrusions are sleeved, with machine screws and epoxy connecting sleeve to extrusion, and the joint welded. Spreaders are of airfoil section and fabricated from high-tensile aluminum plate,  

- Boom is equipped with slab reefing gear, internal outhaul tackle, and topping lift tackle,

 - Spinnaker pole is tapered where necessary and equipped with Barient ’shotgun’ outboard end, stud type inboard end, and topping lift retractor, 

- Reaching strut has stud type inboard end and sheave in outboard end. 

ELECTRICAL - The wiring harness is preformed of best quality color coded wire and is run through plastic conduit placed as high in the hull as is practicable. All circuits have breaker switches and are grounded. Wiring in the mast is run through a Delrin tube to protect it from chafe and to ease installation of additional wiring. The batteries, divided into banks for engine starting and ships service, are contained in a fiberglass lined plywood box which is securely bonded to the hull, 

PLUMBING - All fuel and water tanks are custom fabricated of stainless steel with proper baffling, fills, vents and outlets. Water tanks have cleaning ports and fuel tanks have cleaning tubes to the low point in the tank. Fuel and water tanks have level gauges. Sewage holding tanks are of fiberglass, integral with the hull, and have aluminum tops with sight glass installed. Poly plastic water piping, with brass connectors, is used throughout. All fuel lines are of  aircraft quality hose. All through hull connections are fitted with seacocks. 



WINCHES (All Barient) 

- #2a main halyard reel winch 

- #28 s,  s. primary genoa halyard 

- #26 al. primary spinnaker halyard

- #26 s.s. auxiliary halyard winch 

- #20 al. spinnaker pole topping lift winch 

- #20 al. main luff cunningham and reefing winch 

- #20 al. outhaul and reefing winch

- #20 al. reefing winch 

- #28 al. mainsheet winch 

- Two #10 al. mainsheet traveller crosshaul winches 

- Two #22 al. boom vang/pole foreguy winches 

- Two #35 al. genoa sheet winches with remote  ‘ant hill’ drive 

- Two #32 al. spinnaker sheet winches 

- Two #26 auxiliary sheet winches 

- Two lock-in ratchet winch handles 

- Three lock-in winch handles 

- Lock-in double grip winch handle Two plain winch handles

SPARS Mainmast 

- Two pairs tapered, airfoil section, al. spreaders 

- Bolt rope luff track or external sail track as  required 

- 7 x 19 s.  s. main halyard 

- Two 7 x 19 s.s, genoa halyards with snapshackles and dacron braid tails 

- Two dacron braid spinnaker halyards with snapshackles

–  Dacron braid spinnaker pole topping lift with snapshackle 

- Barient spinnaker pole slide lift Solid s.s. rod headstay

- Solid s.s. rod backstay with hydraulic adjuster 

- Solid s.s. rod lower, upper, and intermediate shrouds with s.s. barrel, bronze screw, turnbuckles and toggles 

- 1 x 19 s.s. midstay with custom deck mounted s.s. release lever 7 x 19 s.s. main boom topping lift (standing part) 

- Masthead light - Combination steamer/deck light 

Main Boom 

- Internal outhaul tackle - Internal topping lift tackle 

- Slab reefing gear 

- Bolt rope foot track or external sail track as  required 

- Mainsheet and vang s. s. bales 

Spinnaker Pole Stud type inboard end 

- Barient ’shotgun’ outboard end Inboard and outboard trip lines 

- Topping lift retractor 

Reaching Strut 

- Stud type inboard end Custom outboard end with sheave 

- Bales for lift, downhaul, and guys 

Running Rigging (all dacron braid) 

- One pair heavy genoa sheets 

- One pair drifter sheets with snapshackles 

- One pair heavy spinnaker sheets with snapshackles 

- One pair light spinnaker sheets with snapshackles 

- One pair spinnaker pole afterguys with snapshackles 

- Spinnaker pole foreguy with snapshackle Staysail sheet with snapshackle 

- One pair boom vangs with snap  shackles 

- Main  sheet Reefing lines with snapshackles 

- Main and jib cunningham lines with snapshackles 

- 12 snatchblocks 

- Cleats, padeyes, and miscellaneous blocks for running rigging as appropriate 

Deck Fittings 

- One pair 12” al. mooring cleats 

- Cast aluminum/s. s. weldment stemhead combining headstay attachment, double jib tack fitting and bow chocks 

- C & C patented extruded aluminum toe/ sheeting rail with side chocks 

- Custom quarter fittings 

- Aluminum T-track with genoa lead ear and two eye slides port and starboard. 

- Staysail tack track and slide

- One pair custom s.s. triple footblocks with cam sheet stoppers

- One pair custom s.s. lead blocks s.s. rod halyard keeper

- s.s. deck chocks for spinnaker pole and reaching strut • 

- Roller bearing mainsheet traveller with crosshaul tackle

- Welded s.s. bow and stern pulpits 

- Tapered stanchions set in C&C patent bases attached to toe/sheeting rail 

- Lifeline gate port and starboard 

- 7 x 19 s.s. double lifelines with turnbuckles, pelican hooks and insulators. Upper lifeline is vinyl coated 

- Six dorade vents with PVC cowls and chromed bronze cover plates 

- Large custom fiberglass sail hatch  with plexiglass light and fasteners workable from below or above deck 

- Two aluminum frame tinted plexiglass ventilation/light hatches with grooved sill pieces for dodgers 

- Aluminum frame tinted plexiglass double opening mid deck hatch with grooved sill pieces for dodger 

- Plexiglass companionway sliding hatch and teak drop boards

- Frame for spray hood over companionway - Four PVC winch handle pouches in cockpit 

- Pedestal steerer with s.  s. destroyer type wheel and engine controls 

- Danforth/White 6” Constellation underlit compass in binnacle on steering pedestal 


- Westerbeke 4-107 Diesel engine, V-drive, 2:1 reduction gear with fresh water cooling and two 55 amp. alternators 

- Stainless shaft, shaft lock, custom bronze strut, bronze folding propeller 

- Engine instruments-tachometer, temperature, oil pressure and ammeter mounted behind waterproof plexiglass cover in cockpit 

- Water lift muffler

 - Accessible extra filter in fuel line 

- Custom s.s. fuel tank as  appropriate to accommodations 

- Fuel tank gauge 

- Engine compartment blower and ventilation as per U.  S.  C.  G. requirements Electrical 

- Two banks of 12V batteries, ships service and engine starting, totalling 450 amp-hrs. 

- Master circuit breaker panel with battery selector switch and condition indicator 

- Accessory breaker switch distribution panel for 12V and 110V circuits 110V shore power system with watertight receptacle and 50 ft. heavy duty grounded shore cable 

- Heavy duty automatic battery charger for 110V shore use - Interior dome and reading lights as required by accommodation, with separate circuit for red dome lights in galley, main cabin, head, and sail bin areas - Red foot lights

- Variable intensity red/white aircraft type navigator’s light Two complete sets of navigation lights on separate circuits with  bow lights accessible for replacement from inside hull

- Remote solenoid safety switch and light for stove propane Plumbing 

- Hot and cold pressure water system supplying taps at galley sink, toilet room sink, and shower 

- 6 gallon (U.S.) hot water tank heated by 110V element or engine heat exchanger 

- Manual pumps at galley for sea water and emergency fresh water - Large deep s.  s. sink in galley 

- s.s. sink in toilet room 

- Shower with teak grating and receptor pan drained overboard through electric pump 

- Two custom s.s. water tanks as appropriate to accommodations

- Water tank gauges 

- Wilcox-Crittenden ’’Imperial”  toilet 

- Fiberglass holding tank integral with hull (if required)

- Electric bilge pump 

- Manual diaphragm bilge pump with watertight handle fitting in cockpit 

- High capacity manual diaphragm emergency bilge pump below deck 

- All thru-hulls are set flush with hull and are equipped with seacocks (below waterline) 

Miscellaneous Equipment 

- Gimballed three burner stove with oven 

- Stove alcove lined with stainless steel 

- Propane tank in bin with vent from bottom of bin to waterline

- Large, heavily foam insulated, s.s. lined, refrigerator/ freezer

-  Two 5 lb. dry chemical fire extinguishers Danforth 35H anchor with 250 ft. 5/8" nylon rode 

- Four 40 ft. dia. nylon mooring lines 

- Four 8” dia. pneumatic fenders 

- Flagstaff and socket 

- Through transom tube stowage for man overboard pole 


Sales Brochure


The C&C 48 Custom is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass, with wood trim. It has a masthead sloop rig, a raked stem, a raised reverse transom, an internally-mounted spade-type rudder controlled by a wheel and a fixed fin keel. It displaces 28,100 lb (12,746 kg) and carries 12,750 lb (5,783 kg) of lead ballast.[1] The boat has a draft of 7.25 ft (2.21 m) with the standard keel fitted.[1] The boat is fitted with a British Perkins Engines 4108 diesel engine of 50 hp (37 kW). The fuel tank holds 50 U.S. gallons (190 L; 42 imp gal) and the fresh water tank has a capacity of 150 U.S. gallons (570 L; 120 imp gal).[1] The design has a PHRF racing average handicap of 60 with a high of 66 and low of 57. It has a hull speed of 8.37 kn (15.50 km/h).[4] 


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